Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Trip Out West!!!

I recently returned from a trip to South Dakota. I appeared at a conference for a local organization known as "Birds & Bloom". It was very exciting & fun! They had a bunch of T.V. shows lined up for us to appear on as soon as we stepped off the plane... I felt like a real-life SUPERSTAR!! The sights were so interesting, & we even got to go to the TOP of Crazy Horse National Park. (very cool)
We also got to see Mt. Rushmore, which is home to some pretty amazing people such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, &
Abraham Lincoln. Did you know... Mount Rushmore has over 3 MILLION visitors from all over the country & world!!One more very interesting fact: there were approximately 400 workers that were involved in the carving of the memorial, & it took from October 1927 until October 1941!!! I have to say that seeing Mt. Rushmore was almost too much to handle, mainly because it's a landmark that is so recognizable, & to actually see it in person was great.
One last, extremely flattering, point was when we received
the KEY to Rapid City, South Dakota!!! We were very honored & privileged.