Monday, November 26, 2007

Meeting Irene Pepperberg...

More Boston Pictures.

One of my trainers, Stephanie White, & I preparing to perform a program for pre-schoolers as part of the documentary.

My visit to Boston!

Here I am on my way to Boston, Massachusetts! I went there right before Thanksgiving to participate in a documentary for a British T.V. show called Blink T.V. It wanted to highlight African Greys & how people use them in various aspects of educational & scientific settings. I guest starred along with Dr. Irene Pepperberg from The Alex Foundation.

Golden Girl, Betty White, visits Knoxville & the Zoo...

On Friday, November 2nd, I got a thrill of a lifetime! Betty White, one of the most well-known & beloved celebrities of today, wanted an opportunity to meet me while touring the zoo. She had traveled to Knoxville to take part in a charity dinner for the Morris Animal Foundation on the volunteer Princess Cruises.